Alternative rock group Waxwork Figurine was originally formed in 2013 by Sean Gallagher and Robert Butcher. The band released their eponymous debut album in January 2018 on Containment Records. They are currently working on their second album which is due for release later this year.

Waxwork Figurine - Simulacra

Waxwork Figurine (2018)

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Ashen Lid was created by Robert Butcher in 2018 and explores computer based production and improvisation using electronically generated sounds. The project aims to merge ostensibly disparate elements of western classical music, modern electronic music and vocal based popular music.


Instrumental band formed in 2020 taking influences from jazz, classical, electronic and minimalism. Drummer Joe Spurr Matthews and Robert Butcher are collaborating remotely and have begun recording a live album of tracks that will be available to watch on YouTube. The band is currently looking for a bass player. 

Robert Butcher - Nexus

Robert Butcher - Study in D Minor

Robert Butcher - Cellar Door

Robert Butcher - Clouds Break

Robert Butcher - Horizons

Robert Butcher - Piano Preludes